A Lenten Visit

Tis the day after Mardi Gras, and I’m totally spent.
“That was exhausting,” I think, “Thank God it’s Lent!”
Never have I longed so much for a fast
Than after an authentic New Orleans blast!
Plastic beads of all colors are strewn around without care;
And glitter is sprinkled all up in my hair.
My alarm clock is screaming, but I’m still in bed,
As visions of parades march through my head.
Empty bottles and king cake boxes cover the floor,
Tu-tus and wigs and coconuts galore.
Out on the street, I hear a clatter.
But I’m too lazy to get up to see what’s the matter.
I manage to sit up and take out the Gospel.
With Jesus, even a post-Mardi Gras devotion's possible!
I need some quiet moments to really think about
Just what for the next forty days I’ll go without.
Does God want me to stop eating sweets and other junk?
Or should I get out of my social-media/news cycle funk?
I have a friend who once gave up hitting snooze.
I could also exercise more or give up booze.
What about acts of kindness or saying nice things?
I could make more of an effort to give my parents a ring.
Meditation, yoga, and volunteering sound nice.
I could also try to end my perfectionism vice.
What should I pick? It’s so hard to choose!
I think some perspective, I’m starting to lose.
Finally, I find a verse from John 15:5
Where Jesus says, “It’s in me that you must abide.
Stay close to me and you’ll bear much fruit.
Apart from me you can do nothing, and that’s the truth.”
It’s not a diet or exercise that God most desires.
It’s more quality time with me, a faith on fire!
I feel a peace cover me as I finish my prayer.
I can feel Jesus’ presence truly is there.
I hear Jesus whisper as I end my quiet time at last –
“Happy Lent to all, and to all a good fast!”

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