Olympic Effort

“…whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

This blog post almost didn't happen, y'all. Like many of you, I have been glued to the Olympics! I seem to forget how addicting the games are until they're here again.

What is it about the Olympics that gets us? Is it the novelty? There are some sports that we don't really see much of on TV except during the Olympics like gymnastics and volleyball. And for sports that do get more air time like basketball, soccer, and tennis it's fun to see all of our favorites on the same team – our team!

But more than the novelty, I think for me it’s inspiring to watch athletes who have been training with an insane level of dedication for four years succeed. And even when they falter, it’s amazing to witness their courage and effort. It's like the joys and disappointments that we mere mortals experience but magnified: four years of blood, sweat, and tears all seem to come down to one routine, one sprint, one game.

Sure, these mega athletes have some baseline mix of natural talent and adults who sacrificed to help them succeed. But even then, success is not a given. The story that’s told over and over in athlete profiles and in post-event interviews is the story of hard work. He doubled down on training. She was determined to overcome a serious injury. He grew up in poverty, but a coach took a risk when she saw his dedication. She was told by her early coaches that she didn’t have what it takes, but she kept at it anyway.

The idea of getting out what you put in is one of those universal stories that everyone knows…and yet we need reminding all the time. According to my app, there are 26 times when Biblical writers use the then-familiar agrarian metaphor of sowing seeds and reaping the harvest. If you sow love, you get love. If you sow hate, you get hate. If you sow hard work, you get results.

Seeing the risk and reward of the athletes at the Olympics inspires me to want to work harder and set ambitious goals for myself. When was the last time I made an Olympic-sized effort to achieve something? My most recent job search was probably the last time I tackled a goal with a singular level of focus. Now that I have successfully transitioned to a new career, what’s a new goal that I can work toward? This blog comes to mind. It’s been a little over two months since I started this online adventure. While I’ve mostly stuck to my goal of posting every Wednesday, I haven’t stuck to a writing schedule or made much more time for actually spending time with God to listen for wisdom and direction for this blog or really anything else that’s going on in my life. What would my writing and my relationship with God look like if I made an Olympic effort? 

What’s a goal that you can pursue with an Olympic effort? What’s holding you back? What’s one thing you can do to start this week? Thanks for reading, and I would love it if you shared with a friend and shared your thoughts below!

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