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About Following Forward

The idea of following forward is a nod to my progressive values. But it's also related to my understanding of how Jesus challenged his followers. They were constantly getting stuck in following old rules, old traditions, and old social orders, and Jesus was just as constantly trying to show them a new way: a way of radical love in an ever-widening circle of inclusion. I get stuck sometimes, too, and writing helps me process my experiences.

Iā€™m still experimenting with formats and content for this blog. My goal is to post every Wednesday. I appreciate kind and constructive feedback. And thank you for reading! I know you have many worthy demands on your time.

About Me

Originally from just outside Roanoke, Virginia, ten years ago I joined Teach For America and moved to New Orleans. I'm now proud to call it home, and I'm grateful to be able to serve my community in my job at the City of New Orleans (the thoughts and opinions here are my own).

Outside of work, you can find me at Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church, volunteering around the city, or trying to stay active enough to justify continued indulgences in the unbelievable NOLA culinary scene.